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Friday, 31 December 2010


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Well, we knew he was ethically bereft before, but this is sociopathic. Also illiterate: it was fake responses not fake listings.


Isn't he a professor too? What would his response be if a student started smearing his name that way?


@Ahistoricality: No doubt. That said, not that he knew this, but there were both fake responses and fake listings. I just didn't discuss the latter in the post, which makes me wonder ...

@N.C.: No student of his would, because he's the perfect professor. He's never, because of his godly pedagogy, had a freshmen who wasn't quite prepared for college and freaked out and did something untoward, such as ... this.

Andrew R.

What. An. A*shole.

I mean, holy crap, what kind of an sociopath to you have to be to be unable to make the distinction between, say, disagreeing on the amount of social services the state should provide or the advisability of use of American force and between seeking to do actual real world harm to a person?

Seriously, what the eff?

Is there institutional jealousy involved as well? (I say as a man who teaches at an unnamed state university whose prestige is decidedly... less than UC Irvine's.)

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