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Wednesday, 08 December 2010


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And, of course, because it's Homicide, Pembleton doesn't just say "What happened to my teeth?" once: he says it three times, from three different angles, and the last time he turns "teeth" into the same two syllable word "death" is. I'm now so sufficiently creeped out that -- when you account for what's got to be the massive sinus infection invading my brain -- it's a foregone conclusion that I'm never sleeping again for fear of what'll happen to my teeth ... my tee-th ... my teeee-theh.


Homicide's on CourtTV late? I miss that show so much. Pembleton was one of the greatest TV characters of the 20th century.

Feel better soon!


Homicide's on CourtTV late?

I can't say it's national, but it's definitely a middle-of-the-night staple out here. Maybe that means it's a morning show in the rest of the company [Ed. - I meant country, but really, what's the difference at this point?]? Not sure, but my point is basically this: Pembleton shouldn't be threatening dream-teeth while my sinuses are already about to explode.


Feel better soon!

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