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Tuesday, 21 December 2010


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That Rolling Stone list is pretty questionable. Though, after seeing Pitchfork's #1 song of the year, I guess the rules are just out the window.


#1 album of the year, IMHO, should be Janelle Monae's The Archandroid, followed by Arcade Fire's The Suburbs.


I'm not sure about the former, as I haven't heard it, but the latter's a fact, both in that it should be and is on basically every "Best of" list. It's strange, though, that I associate that album so strongly with the Wife and I's vacation to Sequoia National Park this summer. If ever there were an inopportune time to listen that album into the ground, that was probably it.

Adam Roberts

I do love the Arcade Fire album, though it took me an unprecedented five listens before I overcame my initial hostility to it. Indeed, looking back I can no longer remember why I persevered -- though I'm glad I did. It is a masterpiece.


#1 album of the year, IMHO, should be Janelle Monae's The Archandroid

Oh hells yes. (That's what the kids say these days, right?)

J.S. Nelson

The Arcade Fire album was definitely at the top of my list, but I'm not sure I listened to any other albums that came out in 2010, with the possible exception of some terrible metal.

Dan Coyle

Music critics refusing to actually talk about the substance of the music? I'm shocked, Mr. Kaufman, I am SHOCKED!

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