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Monday, 11 April 2011


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Todd Murry

hard to do formatting here, so excuse the lack thereof:

PANEL 1 - SUE (CAPTION): I remember the early winter rains in west Texas, growing up.

PANEL 2 - SUE (CAPTION): The cows would skirt the trees, and tuck their heads.

PANEL 3 - SUE (CAPTION): The water a wall, feeling cut off
SUE (CAPTION): but connected to something bigger.

PANEL 4 - SUE (CAPTION): I'd open upward to the sky

PANEL 5 - SUE (CAPTION): The droplets a sacrament.

On the nose, sure, but that's 5 minutes tops.

Todd Murry

Oops. Didn't read the word hilarious.

Next time, I'll do something more violently menstrual.

Shava Nerad

Panel 1: Damn. Wet. Cold.
Panel 2: Damn! Wet cold.
Panel 3: Damn. Wet cold?
Panel 4: Damn. Wet. Cold.
Panel 5: Damn! Wet! Cold!

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