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Monday, 27 February 2012


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As I said at the other place...
We are not barriers; we are rope bridges across the chasm of education, which our students may cross if they choose. And if they cling to our handrails and step carefully, they can emerge literate and thoughtful; if they choose not to cross, they remain ignorant; if they attempt to cross without caution or care, they may plunge into the depths and be lost in the darkness of half-digested ideas forever.


If this student is too full of himself and/or Montaigne to write an essay of the form requested, perhaps this bit of wisdom from Messr. Montaigne himself might help bring the lad down to Earth:
“On the highest throne in the world, we still sit only on our own bottom.”


To be fair, "whose ability to mix a metaphor is nearly as impressive as his encyclopedic knowledge of all things which will never make him money," is a rather good diss.

Colin Danby

My first thought was that you had asked students to write as though they were hamburgers.

Anyway, parts of this are not bad. I like the idea of writing an essay that is a protest against that bad grade it is going to receive.



I too got a masculine vibe, but there's no specific content that points to the writer being male, unless I missed it, which is entirely possible.

Belle Waring

Once again I ask myself, "is SEK having us on? Where does he find these people? Who is this dillweed, and can I throw rocks at his car?"


"Moons are wonderful, albeit limited, objects who cannot escape the gravitational conventions of the Earth without an intervention by the likes of myself or Montaigne" is a pretty hilarious sentence out of context (or in it, for that matter).

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