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Sunday, 12 February 2012


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After this post, and the Steve Jobs one, and the Michael Jackson one, I kind of want to go back in time and write a post taking the piss out of David Foster Wallace.


(Pardon me; your Steve Jobs commentary wasn't put here. That's my bad.)


I completely missed that this was a quote from American Psycho until I read your most recent post.

My own memory of Whitney Houston actually goes back to my first date as a university freshman. Me and a young woman from my dorm went to see The Bodyguard - her idea, not mine. I've tried to block as much of that film from my memory as possible. After about a month of dating, I was in her dormroom, when "I Will Always Love You" came on the radio. It was apparently, our song, and she wanted us to dance to it. It was an epiphanic moment; we broke up a couple of days later.


Stephen, I'm not sure whether that makes me want to laugh or cry. I mean, I know have some taste issues, but to wax that poetic about Whitney Houston? Come on, man. You know me!


Irving Berlin: This new tune is called 'I'll Be Loving You Always.'

Kaufman (George S.): "Always" is a bit much, no? How about 'I'll Be Loving You On Thursday'?

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