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Wednesday, 22 February 2012


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Thanks so much for this! I've been recommending various ones to other faculty, it's nice to have them all here...



Rodolfo Piskorski

No Torchwood?


Not for want of trying. I meant to teach an episode or two in my Doctor Who class, but they requested moving on to season six of Who instead, and I couldn't begrudge them their enthusiasm.


Good stuff. SEK, it might be helpful to add category tags to the posts as well. I don't think LGM is set up for it (although it would also help Erik Loomis' labor history series), but you could do it here. You're on WordPress, yes? (On the other hand, the sidebar picture linking to this post ain't bad.)


LGM isn't set up for it -- Wordpress uses a terrible tagging system -- but I think I have the categories set up decently enough here in TypePad. If you click on any show/film/comic in the word cloud on the left, it should bring up all the posts on it. I'm anal retentive about doing that here, annoyed beyond my capacity to continue trying at LGM. Or do you mean something different?


I was thinking about a category link on a post's permalink page, unless I'm just not seeing it. (Blogger and WordPress allow that at the bottom of a post, and it can help for navigation.) Sorry, I missed the category cloud (and duh, I should have noticed this was a Typepad blog). But the sidebar picture link is pretty sweet, so I wouldn't sweat it. (Categories at LGM would be nice, but at least the search function is decent.)

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