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Wednesday, 22 February 2012


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Now I think I understand why I never got into the Doctor Who thing. I HATE time travel stories. There's 3 I find acceptable: two tragedies and a comedy of errors. The rest, even fun ones in milieux I respect, just stink to high heaven of question-begging and Chuck Amuck hijinks.


Now, if you can make sense of Season 6, I'll REALLY be impressed.


The class actually voted yesterday, and despite us being done with the mandatory reading/viewing, we're going to be covering the first two episodes of Season Six next week. I told them that I don't have time to prepare it, so they VOLUNTEERED to do group presentations on the episodes. FOR THE NEXT FOUR WEEKS. I'm hoping they can do more with it than I (or apparently you) could.


I like these posts, don't fret about boring your audience.

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