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Friday, 01 June 2012


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Informative as always. Thanks for your insight.

It seems like Joan and Megan were used to highlight the contrasting decision Peggy makes. Joan literally whores herself out. Megan appears to be getting a call back more for her body and looks than her acting chops. And she appears visibly uncomfortable with it. While I can't remember many times where Peggy has smiles like she does in that last shot you post. Don no longer owns her. She is her own woman.


Don no longer owns her. She is her own woman.

I'm withholding judgment on this until I see what happens going forward. I suspect her self-invention's linked to Don's, so she might be her own woman, but only because she was enabled to be so by Don. Not the strongest feminist statement one could make, but (sadly) historically accurate in the same way that a group of white guys on the Supreme Court created the conditions necessary for the Civil Rights movement to happen.


Good point. And even though Don could be an enormous asshole at times, he may turn out to be better than some alternatives. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

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