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Thursday, 05 July 2012


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Querulous Squirrel

Besides the obvious differences between humanity and animals, animals who are fed snack foods in parks have alternative and healthier food choices. They would survive unfed. Poor people given food stamps do not have alternative food sources. They would starve to death. I'm sure the conservatives would have no problem with this. The thinking is, if bad things happen to you, it's because you yourself are intrinsically bad and deserve it. That's how they rationalize all the good things (wealth) that happens to them. They deserve it. The poor don't.


Thanks for sharing this. My two bits: The USDA really should get out of the business of handouts to needy citizens and devote itself solely to its real job: handouts to corporations, aka "farm subsidies." Because that creates jobs! For Mexicans. And makes sure executives, lobbyists, and lawyers can stay rich enough to keep buying the politicians and elections who ensure they will continue to get those handouts.
Real question is: when will the American "conservative" wake up to realize that each time he fills up his pristine F150 with the "I Support The Troops" sticker on the back for his daily 40-mile commute, he's consuming more taxpayer handouts than the guy in the grocery line? American gas is cheap at the pump because taxpayers paid TRILLIONS for it through the military-industrial complex that buys the politicians to drive us in to the wars needed to keep the oil pipeline open. He supports the troops alright. He also has their blood on his hands. If he really wants to honor them, maybe driving a Prius would be more apt than the sticker.

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