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Thursday, 23 August 2012


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Scott, hey. I don't think I've commented here before, but I've been a longtime lurker. I was drawn in as an English student because, at the time I was trying to write a graphic novel and I wanted to find some kind of reference for it. Yours wasn't pretentious towards comics, and you even talked about film rhetoric! Cool as heck. The graphic novel didn't work out, but I've been following you since I found you.

But this post finally made me speak up. This is an excellent, Jon-Stewart-style evisceration. You tell 'em! How I long for the days when we don't have stupid, worthless fights over these dumb distractions from actual policy (which, of course, is the reason we have these pre-written fights in the first place). But I fear those days may never come. The thought makes me extremely sad, but I hold out hope that one day, people will just wake up and decide they don't like the taste of bullshit. Seems doubtful though. I'm only 24, but from what I've seen, people don't change much, even in the face of good arguments. It's depressing.


First, thanks for reading! Second:

I'm only 24, but from what I've seen, people don't change much, even in the face of good arguments. It's depressing.

As someone's who actually, by which I mean, in terms of my credentials, a 19th Century scholar, I can assure you that political rhetoric hasn't changed much. It's the same shit slung at a different wall, but the point's still to see what sticks. But don't let that depress you. The fact that the march of American history has been, by and large, a progressive one is something that I try to remind myself of daily. As one of my students said when I expressed disbelief at how openly gay the characters on Glee are, "But Professor, that's perfectly normal." The knowledge that they've lived in a world where they can't even imagine a world in which the kind of homophobia I saw in high school was possible makes me happy.

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