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Tuesday, 25 September 2012


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There a neat concentration of a larger element from the novel here: Jon is more often than not the focus of the shots he's in, and indeed he becomes a main focus of the narrative. Likewise Bran will disappear in the narrative (spoiler alert?), but always retains a presence through the focus of his other family members on him.

Don't know if you've seen this:


A conflict with Jon and Catelyn could arise and pose a threat further on in the series. The Closeness of Bran and Jon from the previous clips beforehand could show those two have a high brotherly bond. This could play an important role later when Bran could possibly stand up to his mother and defend his older brother. Jon expression as he looks up shows he understand why she is mad, but it seems he knows he didn’t do anything wrong, but just being the end result of an affair. Catelyn may have not been able to convince her husband to not take Bran, but as she mad dogs Jon, she knows she didn’t loser because she will always feel superior to her basterd son. She knows Bran will take over the throne and not Jon. She is uncomfortable with Bran growing up, but she knows he will have to come of age eventually, but the basterd child will get no reward in being royalty.

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