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Friday, 28 September 2012


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Before you say anything: this is dumber than it sounds.


JG thinks you sent him an email in which you claimed to have tenure? Holy Close Reading Fail Batman!


Like I said, dumber then it sounds.

Marc Page

Well, somebody had to be the new 'Frisch' ... (there's more than one way to fill the old tip jar)


For me with all my infinite power, to oppress poor Jeff, who has nothing his sycophants don't provide him. It's not fair!

Marc Page

Nobody said the Internet was going to be fair, but it can be entertaining; providing, of course, that one has the good sense to refrain from responding to armed lunatics.

bored internet detective

I would suggest you obfuscate the address a little more aggressively. (see my email address). (Obviously I am nobody involved in this. Well, not obviously, but you'll have to take my word for it).


Marc Page

Well, hell, just can't resist a puzzle, I guess:

5*** Prairie Circle
Frederick CO 80530

... warm ?

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