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Wednesday, 17 October 2012


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The really hellish part is that your memories are now linked in a form of inverse quantum entanglement. Either the child will remember this conversation and you will not, resulting in renewed shock and embarassment when (not if) you meet again and it renews the game and then feels hurt when you don't play along, OR (more likely), you will remember this conversation and the child won't, and when you try to remind it of this exchange, it will look at you like a creepy, undignified thing and turn away, leaving you to try to explain quickly and awkwardly to its guardian, why you've accosted the child.


The most important words in your comment are "it" and "thing," which basically cover all the creepiness I won't be communicating because it's a stupid thing.


I thought you'd appreciate that.


Can you send some of those monsters my way? I want to drive some children away.


Hey, keep those monsters handy for the next month or so -- it'll help keep the kinder away come Halloween.

Dominic Fox

Obviously this child is a precocious Scientologist who has been trained to see your body Thetans.

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