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Tuesday, 09 October 2012


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Your cats are so cute! But the screaming one is up top and the startled one on the bottom pic.

My cat thinks he's a cable box.


I saw your cable-box. Mine like to pretend they're books any time shelf space becomes available.


Cats are still backwards, but leave them up, they humanize you.


Does it help if you do typepad's version of editing the raw html of the post, and check that the <img src="this bit.jog" stuff looks right?


It does. I thought it may have something to do with the numbering of the images, but when I looked at my second (as of now unpublished) Fellowship post, it just shuffled them like a deck of cards. I'm not sure why it's only a problem with new posts and not old ones, if it's a coding issue. Basically, at the moment, the blog's just broke. (And I can't host these images on LGM for fear of future fair-use lawsuits. So sayeth the lawyers. And they're right. As soon as I'm not a teacher, I can't claim to be using them for a pedagogical purpose, etc.)

Marc Page

Resolved: Do not disregard warnings.


I'm trying to un-break the blog. Can't do that if I don't have some HTML to compare the front end to the back. Sorry! Promise, actual content to follow as soon as I figure out what the problem is.

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