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Wednesday, 05 December 2012


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There's a facebook joke in there somewhere. Something about it being horrific Lovecraftian love child of Clive Barker and Sylvester the Cat.

I tawt I taw a packing tape cat

Never mind.


No worries, I don't. I didn't even think to post this until I took shit for not doing so. It just seems a little ... thin in the content department. But apparently people want in on my very exciting life of grading, grading, grading, cleaning litter boxes, grading, grading, grading.

Five classes is a lot of work if you're stricken with the unfortunate condition of caring.


It really is, yes. Especially in text-heavy fields like ours. If I could give scantron tests with a clear conscience, my life would be so much simpler.


If you haven't banned me. The songs were fine. Springsteen's B sides were sometimes better than his A sides. The River is a wonderful album. Born to Run his best. Nebraska depressed me. Born in the USA, ok. But you have to outgrow him at around age 35.


Not sure why you'd think I ban you, unless it was for commenting in the wrong thread, which is a probationary offense at best.

Paul Ward

The great Cathulhu?

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