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Monday, 18 March 2013


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I would have thought the long white wispy shock of hair also would have made it a bit harder to equate History Satan with Obama. I'm not watching the series, so I don't know what he looks like without the hood, and only know the actor is from Morocco. But if he has long grey hair under that hood, I'm betting Satan strikes a much different figure.

I'm only half-following this story because it's distasteful but can't be avoided if you're online, but didn't the whole thing get started with Glen Beck tweeting out the picture? Is it just this one frame of the show that's being used to make the equation? Or does he consistently resemble Obama in a way that suggests it was purposeful? I'm asking because I'm not going to watch to find out. The History Channel gives me enough headaches.


I don't think he tweeted this particular picture, but I do think this frame was chosen because of the "resemblance," such as it is. But yes, the History Channel, misnomer, etc.

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