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Sunday, 28 April 2013


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The thread's inert over at LGM, but another nugget that jumped out at me was the way Hannibal's and Crawford's offices are inverted on a close-up shot of Crawford. When Crawford is in Hannibal's waiting room, there's a lamp to his left and vertical molding to his right. In the next scene, we start with Crawford at his desk, and there's a lamp to his right and vertical molding to his left -- and inversion of the shot in the previous scene. That seemed like a deliberate choice, since both offices are the thinktanks where the shows' crimes are being considered, both are bases where the operators are using Graham as a tool to solve these crimes, yet both are using their offices and Graham to very different ends, yet through similar means. Let's see if this works:

inverted offices

(Bigger image here.)

With regard to the slim slices of reality, I think there's something else happening on top of that: When Graham's in one of his fever dreams, or is putting himself in the mind of a killer, the depth of field is much greater -- almost the entire room has clarity and focus. This isn't consistent (I just looked at a couple of those scenes), but in ep. 4 (which didn't air in the U.S.) there's a scene where he's imagining what the killer saw in a family's home while they're sitting down to dinner, and the entire dining room is in sharp focus.


Well I'll be good God-damned. That's brilliant. I'm about to watch episodes four and five for the Big New Job at the Big New Place and I'll definitely steal/credit this in it.


Wait -- the Big New what in the where now?


I think you should be able to see this. Don't want to put it out there entirely yet, as there are letters to be crossed and dotted.


The link didn't work -- no worries. But I did zip through your timeline, and that Paul Westerberg/No Replacements Found post made my night.

Also need to get my act together, because I have some questions for you and Attewell about the relation between the romantic epic, fantasy lit, fascism, and George R. R. Martin.


Woo Hoo. "letters to be crossed and dotted." sounds like (hopefully) imminent good news.


It's all up to me now. If I don't fuck it up, I'll have my own "Internet Film School" at the most prestigious bulb-vegetable-themed site on the Internet. I'm actually writing my "pilot post" for it right now, and should have it done by tomorrow. Just in case you wonder how I feel about this, I've woken up every morning for the past week at 4 a.m. and, instead of turning over and going back to sleep like a human being, I've gotten up and started writing. That's how excited/tired I am.


the most prestigious bulb-vegetable-themed site on the Internet

It's funny, not immediately recognizing the site in question my brain keeps arriving at "courceler(y)a". I do know that celery isn't a root vegetable.

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