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Monday, 29 April 2013


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In the long run, this can only be good for the cause of sexual equality and freedom. Everyone who's been paying attention knows that the "born this way" rhetoric being thrown around by certain sectors of the mainstream gay rights movement was a time bomb: a disingenuous oversimplification of something (human sexuality and sexual identity) that is not simple in the least. Embracing the naturalistic fallacy and trying to redirect its prescriptive ends is a terrible strategy if your goal is freedom and equality. I understand why it happened, and desperate times sometimes call for desperate measures, but the time has come to abandon that ramshackle strategy and play the long game.

I'm looking forward to the day when someone can say: "I could have been a different person, but I like being like this and doing what I do, and I have every right to be this way and do these things, or to be a different way and do different things tomorrow if I so choose" and have that statement affirmed by mainstream society. This news story takes us one step closer to the reckoning that will bring that about.


I hope you're right and I'm wrong.


Wait, anti-gay people talk about gay people like they're vampires? That's the prevalent metaphor? And it isn't laughable? "Being turned," seriously?

Sorry for the disbelief, I'm just not exposed to this rhetoric much.


EDIT: I mean, I understand that there is some history to this association, via Stoker. But that's a symbolic association, not a literal one.

It's taking the symbolic for the literal here, with such gusto, that has me so astounded.

In part. The hate, that's the other thing that astounds me.

(Sorry for the double post, couldn't find a way to edit the first.)

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