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Saturday, 25 May 2013


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I just had to say how awesome it was to scroll down through this post, not reading the text, just watching all the characters zap each other with their laser eyes. ZOT! ZAP! BZZT! PEW!

I suppose I'll go read the text now.


You're not alone in that, and I wrote the damn thing.


A thousand times yes. I've been watching "Top of the Lake" in the last week, at the same time as GoT, and I just realized how much miscommunication and stares into nothingness are a central part of the visual rhetoric of that show. Given where things end up in TotL, and where they WILL end up in the end of this third season (I guarantee we will see a nastier wedding) I have enjoyed and look forward to a feast of miscommunication in these weeks.


"A feast of miscommunication"! Ha! Yes, we'll have another shortly, won't we? Part of my reasoning behind looking at this wedding in this detail is because of ... that thing we'll have a conversation about in the next few weeks.

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