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Sunday, 21 July 2013


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Maybe capitalize the corresponding word in each line, for a visual cue?

B: too, many, commas.

The embedded MOOC is very cute.


"B" was to add a boring element to the sentence, but it's too choppy. As for capitalizing the corresponding word, let me see what that looks like and get back to you.


Actually, I don't think the bit at the end, where I don't use the letters, works as well if I capitalize them throughout. Stupid aesthetics!


i wish i had any idea, any at all, what all the MOOC fuss is about. surely 'the same product with all the good parts replaced by cheap shit' has been shown time and again to be a bad idea? does folks also think internet sex is better than actual sex just because it's *cleaner*?

hope all's well.


folks also think internet sex is better than actual sex just because it's *cleaner*?

Pretty much it. Except they also provide it for free, in the hopes of one day letting all the sex-workers loose to roam the country and find their dreams ... or something along those lines. I'm not sure I like where this analogy's going.


Until recently, I thought these were mooks:

The only thing I'd adjust is

"Z the honey badger, who still doesn't give a shit"

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