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Saturday, 20 July 2013


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Listed below are links to weblogs that reference Heh. Ha heh ha, heh heh ha, hold on now -- let me, heh, catch my breath. He drew a -- a what? Ha heh, heh, ha heh heh ha, heh, indeed!:


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I mean, it also seems like he's blaming lynchings on the tree instead of the people? So it's racist, and doesn't make sense?

Robert Marriott

I hate to do this, but let me add some pulitzer-winning fuel to the fire:

In my opinion, it easily outstrips Ramirez on several levels.

Crazy Lady

Are you actually claiming that arson is just an accident? And ignoring the shooting part? (I can't figure out any other possible meaning for the "fire" reference.)

Or did you not know that people were murdered in the Crown Heights riot and, yes, in the Freddie's Fashion Mart arson and shooting?

You are completely missing the point of the cartoon. Which is that the inaccuracies being spread by -- really the press more than Al Sharpton, but him too -- are causing so much rage as to actually make people fear for their lives.

Because, unlike you apparently, these people actually know what happened in Crown Heights and Freddie's Fashion Mart.

Argue that people are over-reacting, that they shouldn't fear for their lives, whatever...but don't ignore that they do and that's what's behind the cartoon.

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