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Thursday, 11 July 2013


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pseudony mousie

I am in no way disagreeing with your argument, but I'd like to be a little pedantic, since these numbers piqued my curiosity.

To get a more acurate measure of demographics, I weighed the percentages of whites by the populations of the counties.

Weld County's 258,638 people pretty much dwarfs the others, and the total white percentage of 'North Colorado' ends up at 93.53%, which is still noticably higher than the 88.1% figure for Colorado as a whole.

As it turns out, North Colorado would have a lower percentage of whites than Idaho (93.8%), West Virginia (94.0%), New Hampshire (94.4%), Maine (95.3%) and Vermont (95.4%). (All as of 2012).

County population counts from Googling their names
Racial percentage makeup from


Another issue - the county links from your link are broken so I can't tell for sure, but from "the spreadsheets here", it strongly looks like those percentages are white-including-Hispanic. If you exclude Hispanic you get:

Kit Carson - 76.4 percent
Logan - 78.1 percent
Morgan - 61.7 percent
Phillips - 79.4 percent
Sedgwick - 85.6 percent
Washington - 89.5 percent
Weld - 67.6 percent
Yuma - 77.9 percent

And the whole of Colorado is 70.01%. (Although Denver County is 52.2%.)


That's for the category listed at the top, "White alone," so I don't think it includes Hispanics.


Sorry for the broken link. That was supposed to be to

And no, I think "White alone" means "white with no other qualifications." Looking at for Weld, "White alone" is 93.4%, but "Hispanic or Latino" (presumably of any race) is 28.3%, so it's impossible for it to be white non-Hispanic.

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