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Monday, 01 July 2013


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"The world of L&O:SVU is one in which white men frequently get away with doing terrible things to people conservatives don't consider people."

What a horrendous, unconscionable, and thoroughly illiberal statement. There is such a thing as improper comments made to exaggerate an impassioned point, and then there is prejudgment of large swaths of other people, people as every bit multifaceted as yourself. Accusing someone of denying the humanity of the Other (in the capital sense) is in a way denying their own humanity. Labling one a degrader is a degradation onto itself. I will not be a idle party to such patronage. I have been a long time reader, so I know you hold Chomsky in no small regard, so I implore you to refrain from reducing large groups into unPeople.

While I loathe to condescend to someone of your stature, I find your remarks unwarranted. As a liberal, the sentiment scares me.

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