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Monday, 05 August 2013


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So a black man or a white woman would've been different, but an older man is "more of the same" compared to his two young predecessors? Where I come from we call that ageism.

Doctor Memory

This is somewhat beside the point, but if you actually thought that Idris Elba was going to be cast, you're mental. Its cultural significance and centrality aside, Doctor Who is a regular BBC drama, which means that the lead actor has to commit to showing up -- on set and at a variety of locations around the British Isles and occasionally further afield -- every day for several months, and he's going to be paid BBC wages to do it. In addition, whoever plays the Doctor is signing on for minimally weeks to months of promotional work: fan conventions, photo shoots, etc etc. And because re-casting the role is such a heartache for everyone involved in the production staff, the BBC wants a multi-year commitment.

None of which is even slightly compatible with also shooting 3-4 Hollywood feature films a year. In fact, based on Eccleston and Tennant's luck so far, it may be one of the surer ways to flat-out kill a promising career in Hollywood. Elba's Hollywood career hasn't reached Tom Cruise levels yet, but he's looking like he's on that track, and his commitments there have limited the last two series of Luther to 4-6 episodes a year: Doctor Who averages 2-3 times that.

TL;DR -- Elba doesn't have the time, and the BBC could never afford what they'd need to pay him to clear his schedule.


As I understand it, the role was offered to a black actor before Capaldi, but the actor turned it down (and doesn't want to go public about it). I believe Gaiman broke that news. So there's that.

Take this for what it's worth, but Rob Bricken at IO9 attempted to forge a "unified theory to explain the casting of every new Doctor Who" that posits stages of the rebooted Doctor Who that need to be gone through before this iteration of the program is free to go in other directions (and Bricken was similarly hoping for a gender or ethnic change-up, so this is in retrospect). The short version is the original Doctor went through some historic stages that we can recognize, and the new Doctor is working through similar layered stages while modernizing in order to break free of its past: The Dark Doctor (Eccelston); The Charismatic Doctor (Tennant); The Weird Doctor (Smith); and The Elder Doctor (Capaldi). After Capaldi, the Doctor has been rounded out to resonate with the original Doctor characters, and anything goes.

But I'm in agreement with those that do not want to see Moffat writing a female Doctor. He can barely handle female cyphers.

At this point, I'm most concerned with what his new catchphrase will be. If Capaldi plays him Scottish, there's always OCH! GUID! Or maybe OAN YE GO BIG MAN! If Capaldi channels his inner Malcolm Tucker, then there's Omnishambles, FUCK! (probably not), or maybe when someone's trying to get into the Tardis, he can pull out the classic Come the fuck in or fuck the fuck off!

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