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May 16, 2006


Oh yeah. This was my post.

I agree with the information which she provided such as sthe "defibrilling" thing. I think she even said it herself that she doesn't really remember a lot of what happened very clearly. (in that type of situation, i don't think most people would. The piece as a whole, I also feel it had that diary kind of feel to it. I felt it was a little contrived at times and don't know how well it would work as journalism. I don't know how horrible this may sound, but I just didn't find myself caring or sympathizing with her because everything just seemed really piled on and just trying to get the reader to react.

I really liked this piece and I thought the different lengths of the paragraphs and sentences kept me entertained because I have never read an article using this many variation in structure before. It made me feel as if she was telling a fictional story but the long paragraphs reported the facts. The little details she adds about her and her husband's life together made the story a bit personal, but not too persoanl so that it would evoke pity out of the readers. I love how this article because it was also easy to read and went by pretty fast.

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