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Scott Eric Kaufman—or "SEK" as he is also known—earned his doctorate in English at University of California, Irvine in the Summer of 2008.

His scholarly interests once included everything—and he meant everything—pertaining to American literature and appropriations of evolutionary theory c. 1890-1910. Then he finished his dissertation and decided to study film and television. He has written a book on visual rhetoric called, appropriately enough, Seeing Rhetoric, but it currently lives in a place called "Permissions Hell" and won't be published until, if he had to guess, 2061.

In addition to Acephalous, he has written at many other places. He's currently employed as an assistant editor at Salon and, as of August 2013, President-for-Life of The Onion AV Club's "Internet Film School."

He still writes for Lawyers, Guns & Money, where he not only runs the podcasts, he co-hosts one of his own with Steven Attewell, about Game of Thrones.

Archived posts by him concerning literary theory can be found at The Valve, where he served as an editor for a long time a long time ago. He also wrote about historicism and literary history for what is now The Chronicle of Higher Education's history blog, The Edge of the American West.