Tuesday, 31 May 2005

This Draft Will Be The Death of Me Or not. I've taken to saving posts as drafts and then never publishing them, thinking that I'll one day have time to edit them with the attention they deserve. What I've got in the queue right now are: one from the archives about the conspicuous absence of Darwin and evolutionary thought from the polygamy debates in the 1890s (and this isn't a silly "male-male eroticism is absent from the work of anchoresses" article, but a serious and amusing look at the extent to which both sides in the polygamy debate avoided anything that might possibly lead to the mention of Darwin and his magical wonderful theory of evolution) a look at the treatment of new historicism in Theory's Empire in which I come to the conclusion that I'm not the new historicist I thought I was, but am one of the other ones, the ones with the white hats and wits about them an increasingly long commentary on The Orchid Thief that I'll post after I teach it (lest the ideas get too concretized to allow me the intellectual flexibility I need to run a smooth, productive discussion) another installment of A. Cephalous' Refutin' and Rebutin' Walter Benn Michaels Travelin' Extravaganza an utterly random post about the way David Simon's Homicide changed the way literary journalists write about group dynamics Soon as any of 'em done to my satisfaction, you'll see 'em up here bells, whistles and all. Until then, I take my leave of you, dear readers. P.S. I'm also done with John Bruce. As easy and entertaining as it is to kick the boy, people whose opinions I respect have informed me that not only has he been down, he is down, and he'll remain down for the foreseeable future. That being the case, kicking him for comedy ain't becoming. So I'm done.

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