Monday, 11 July 2005

Literetcetera, or Well, Then You Name the New Carnival of Literary Criticism Possible titles for the new literary carnival suggested by Y.T.: I’m partial to Literatcetera, but that middle “a” annoys, so Literetcetera perhaps? (It captures the potentially motley quality of the entries, blah blah blah.) If not, we could go other routes, some better, i.e. more accurate, than others. To wit: Were all the entries by women and riddled with errors, Literrata would’ve worked. There’s always Langarage, because our DIYCarnival ethos would be fuckin’ punk. Paradoxymoronic‘s too New Critical or Derridian or both. (And if we were headed High Theory’s direction, Foucauflection sounds more appealing. Or Derridivination. Or A Demanstration. Or The Bhabharian Inversion. Or Thumbulterina. Or We Run with Cixious!. Or Mental Lyotardation. Or Verdant Landed Saucer. Or, or, or...) If we limited submissions to those on the Left Behind series, Literapture would be an-unpiloted-747-gripped-by-gravity, i.e. “the bomb.” ("A bomb,” actually, only with a smaller blast radius.) Rheterrorist would bring Homeland Security down on us. (But we could be Uniliterarilism and Chertoff’d love us.) We’re all Passimistic about the future of literature, but that’s too dreadful. If we thought less of what we do, the epidemiological Critilitis Pestis would’ve suffice. (Or we could keep the plague them but make it more poetic, like Anapaestis Pestis, but that sounds silly.) I’m a fan of the “munculus,” but Critimunculus sounds awful as its muncular alternatives. If we were largely MFA’s, Poemunition could work, but then the Carnival’d consist of links to our livejournals. C'mon people, you can do better than that!

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