Saturday, 02 July 2005

New Feature: The A. Cephalous Word of the Every Other Day or So Frustrated by other "word of the day" services? Tired of receiving daily emails from that most august of all dictionaries, the OED, in which you learn that "place" n. means "Space. Extension in two (or three) directions; room"? Have I got a deal for you! Starting now I'll be posting whatever obscure word threatens my colloquial speech with regular usage on any given day. With definitions, quotations, citations and all the other requisite lexicological dressings. The A. Cephalous Word of the Every Other Day or So for Thursday, June 30, 2005 comes from heraldry: appaumy, adj. (əpaʊmI) (of a hand) with the palm toward the viewer. 1991 Suburban White Girl 15 Minutes After Watching In Living Color (to A. Cephalous), On The Telephone "If she pulls that shit with me again, that's it, she'll wish the worst thing I did to her with my hands is flash dexter appaumy." 1992 Suburban White Girl (to A. Cephalous), P.E. Class "Oh no, you did na, you DID NA! Beseech the sinister hand appaumy bitch!" 1998 Suburban White Girl, Early Wedded, Early Bedded, Divorce Proceedings "Your Honor, then I told him to supplicate before my hand appaumy if he wanted to save this marriage, and he said 'Whatever Janine! What. Ever. I've been fucking your sister for five years.'" 2005 Suburban White Girl, Divorced (to A. Cephalous' best friend), Tenth High School Reunion "A. Cephalous couldn't even bother to show up for his own high school reunion. What a fucktard. Next time I see him it'll be all hands appaumy, dexter, sinister, and all that shit."

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