Sunday, 11 September 2005

My Arcane Enological Chops; or, My Lies and Love of Industry Tribble Redux could've been the title of this post. But his bland "restatement" of points he didn't make the first time through has already been deflowered of its strained innocence by Miram, Collin Brooke, and gzombie. (No doubt others too, but since I'm working from a WiFi that can barely handle the graphics-heavy sites of the Wordherders, I'll leave the link-whoring to those better outfitted.) In its stead I offer this confession: I'm officially a "wine enthusiast." Like Paul Giamatti in Sideways, only without the arcane enological chops and impressive command of all things adjectival (after today, however, I may be able to fake it). So while I could litter this entry with rows and rows of pictuces of rows and rows of grapes (whose roots, interestingly enough, are at this very moment straining to reach the water table, a process known as "I don't remember." Or I could continue yesterday's discussion about my fascination with the results of haphazard building practices. But I'll spare you the first and continue the second only when I have something more interesting to say about it (as opposed to the numerous other examples I thought up today). Instead I'll talk about my frankly toddler-esque infatuation with machinery and pipes. It leads me to take pictures like the one you see up there on your left and right. There's something about the evidence of shiny process that assures me that the world isn't the unwieldy mess it appears to be. No! It's an orderly place populated by men in hardhats who work for its betterment. It is not the world described by Michael Lewis in Liar's Poker, in which traders spend far more time plotting strategy than...wondering whether the should do the deals. They basically assume that anything that enables them to get rich must also be good for the world. The embodiment of the take-over market is a high-strung, hyperambitious twenty-six-year-old, employed by a large American investment bank, smiling and dialing for companies. (222) That is not the world I live in. My world's connected by pipes. These pipes contain goods manufactured by honest men in hardhats. These goods are delivered to these pipes by means of ladders and walkways which reverberate under the feet of the heavy work-boots of honest hardhatted men. This is how my world works. This is how my world works. I photograph objects which evidence my illusions. I only thought through this theory today, and it's undoubtedly the product of coincidence: reading Liar's Poker while touring manufacturing plants indulging in my predilection for photographing industrial apparatuses. Evidence supporting this theory is thin on the ground. Thin in the trees. Thin in the air. Thin in the world. But all over this post.
Such Ephemeral Beasts; or An Acephalous Carnival Blogs are such ephemeral beasts. Posts are here one day, archived the next. The conversation about the relation of the little magazine to blogs has me thinking about how to change this unfortunate situation. Because it needs to be changed. Sometimes posts are written hurriedly. I can concoct a faux CFP, for example, in less than ten minutes. A response to Amazon reviews of Deadwood can be had in a little under thirty. But it takes significantly longer to work through my feelings about the evidentiary standards of literary journalism. In said entry I discuss the questions raised by David Dobbs' excellent Reef Madness. Despite the post being more than three months old, I still think about these issues daily and still believe the questions I asked then to be important now. How can I call attention to these issues without regularly rewriting slightly different variations of the same post? Easy! By linking to them! So from now on, in addition to the production of new material for the blog I'll also be recycling old. Some of you may not have read Acephalous when I wrote them. Some of you may have read the recycled post and thought about commenting but never got around to it. Now you can! And you don't even have to search through the archives. But WAIT! THERE'S MORE! If you click on the linked posts you may even find UPDATES included at no extra eye-strain! That's right! Silent editorial decisions will occur! ACTUAL REVISION! Other blogs may promise cleaner prose and more cogent arguments, but only Acephalous guarantees that the posts you read will be leaner in style and meaner in argument after ONE application of our REVOLUTIONARY NEW REVISIONARY AGENT. (His name's Stan. He has an awesome mustache. For an additional $2.99 Stan will juggle your apples, oranges or ANY OTHER SPHERICAL FRUIT OR VEGETABLE. Sure, you could pay a "professional" "clown" to juggle your spherical staples, but that could cost untold thousands of dollars. Stan juggles for less than minimum wage.) Act now! Or tomorrow! Supplies are unlimited!

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