Thursday, 26 January 2006

One Irritatingly Esoteric (One Might Say Parochial) Post; or, Combo, Anyone? With 400 posts under my belt I finally feel a bit like a blogger. But I still despise the word "blog." I want to suggest something more dignified like "combo." "Combo"? Instead of forcing "web" on "log" why not make sweet love to the old notion of the "commonplace book" and call these collections of links and ramblings "combos." But I can't do it on my own. If everyone doesn't dignify their mental excreta with the unnecessarily lofty appellation of "combo" this whole pile will turn to . . . you know. What I really meant to do was note that I've written more than a post per day for a little under a year and have acquired an audience of at least 450 readers . . . and to thank you readers and commenters and lurkers alike for reading. I never thought I'd best 100,000 reads in my first year of comboing. Then again I never thought I'd walk in on two indignant undergraduates going at it in my office. So I didn't think a lot of things. However, given that I've nearly achieved my first anniversary (PAPER!) and am hosting a book event and am doing many other commonplace and bookish activities, I thought I'd share with you some of my most recent reviews. Positive Obsession asks: Ever wondered about the term "Crazy Lit Prof"? This professor from UCI gives you an inside look into the world of books, writing, and crazy student stunts that can cause countless nightmares for a poor professor. The Fastest Milkman In The Midwest thinks: Actually, if you ever want to know what life in a US English department is like, the following blog, recently brought to my attention, gives you a good idea. I find this blog how I find my professional life: interesting, kind of great fun, but irritatingly esoteric (one might say parochial). All of that amusing (and not altogether untrue) commentary aside, The Geeky Mom reads my regularly and thinks me deserving of this Koufax Award. 'Cause I'm a Jew. (Not practicing.) From Brooklyn. (Not really.) And a Mets fan. (For life.) You know Koufax skipped a World Series start to attend High Holy Day services. So they named a blog award after him. Apparently I'm one of the best "Jews" "from Brooklyn" ever. Huzzah! (More stoning on the morrow.)

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