Saturday, 04 February 2006

Live SuperBowl XXXX Blogging Kick off! Late flag. Looks like it may come back. Here's the snap. Tries to turn the corner. Great block on the point of attack. He was overdue to break one. Now they want to pound it on the ground. They won't have much success if they get too one-dimensional. Pump fake. Looks like he's short. That'll be three and out. Here's the kicking team. He calls for a fair catch. They want to pass. He has all day back there. What pocket presence. He scrambles. Has a man open. It's a frozen rope. He has one man to beat. That'll move the chains. New set of downs. They want to throw on first. Run a man up the post. He led him beautifully. You don't want to force it in there and he didn't. He has poise. Here's the snap. He feels pressure on his left. That was ill-advised. He telegraphed that one. I see a flag. There was extra-curricular activity after the whistle. Some choice words were exchanged. I hope cooler heads prevail. That'll set 'em back. Kicking team on the field. Punt is off. It's a beauty. Taken in traffic. Makes a man miss. He has room to move. Wow! They put the lumber on him. He's slow getting up. They really rang his bell. I hate to speculate . . . but it looks like he's alright. And here's the snap. Cuts back against the grain. Punches through the hole. Nobody laid a glove on him. He had real estate but he ran into a brick wall. This thing will be won or lost in the trenches. There's almost 1,000 lbs. of beef down there. They want to pound it on the ground but the defensive line is starting to assert itself. Punted off the side of his foot. Fair catch. They want to establish the running game. Here's the snap. He picks up a little bit of a convoy. Now that is smash-mouth football. Look at him run downhill. Great second effort. He keeps his legs moving and big things happen. Now the defense knows it needs to dominate the line of scrimmage. The front four have to tighten up. Here's the snap. You could have driven a truck through that hole! They needs to make a stand here. They show blitz. He audiblizes. I think they're going to air it out. Looks to his left. His right. Pressure from the corners. He scrambles. The throw is on the money but he must have heard footsteps. He's usually sure-handed. Only a minute left but a minute can be a lifetime. Naked bootleg. Looks like it's just shy of the marker. The official waved his arms. The man upstairs will review it. They stripped him. There may be holding. Is he down by contact? Did his knee touch the ground? Did they whistle it dead? They can't afford to cough it up here. After further review it stands. He wants to go deep. He has men...

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