Tuesday, 09 May 2006

The Troll of Constant Sorrow™ Are you tired of dealing with the actual Troll of Sorrow but miss waking up to find your family website peppered with "analytic" bloviation? Can you not stand the thought of that lunatic reading your site anymore but still want the traffic he brings? Consider your prayers answered! Thanks to the magic of Creative Commons you can have your very own "Troll of Sorrow" frequent your site for three easy installments of $0.00! No more wrestling to pry meaning from his "grammatical" sentences or debating with your significant other which psychotropic drug the Troll of Sorrow forgot to take today! For the same price of every breath of air you take you can have your very own The Troll of Constant Sorrow™! Is your thread lacking that certain something? Spice it up with a "Care to play a game of schach for yr wife's cheap butt?" Your readers will be outraged when they read The Troll of Constant Sorrow™ boasting that he's "schtupped more femmes than any sunday schooler is likely to have" and that "if you put yr mother's email addy up here, [he]'ll send a pic of the schtuppmeister, and she'll call [him] for date." They'll respond with anger and F5 F5 F5. Your hits will rocket through the roof! With The Troll of Constant Sorrow™ you can be the next Kos! But wait! There's more! Act now and we'll throw in a "Did they teach you that in your Maoism for Lesbians 101 course?" absolutely FREE! Thanks to the miracle of fair use you can have The Troll of Constant Sorrow™ post on your site 24 hours a day, 8 days a week! Operators are standing by! All comments to this post must be generated by the Troll of Constant Sorrow™. This offer does not apply to anyone living in a repressive dictatorship or anywhere else where a sense of humor is a crime. The actual Troll of Sorrow is responsible for all words generated by his twin. Any complaints you have about his words should be directed to any of the numerous fake addresses the coward uses to avoid being held responsible for his words.

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