Wednesday, 05 July 2006

Literature Today Adam’s praised by someone who doesn’t already like him. Some day, I will too. Some day, so will we all. (Except you. You suck. Sorry, but someone had to say it.) In the meantime, check us out. We’re special too, you know. (Who’s that I spy, mistaking hits for individual visits again?) Speaking of me: I’ve posted another anti-psychoanalytic broadside, this one with facts to complement the usual vitriol. Graphic novels are better than you think they are. Good, even. The time has come to Remix literature: The remixing of literature started from Nigel Tomm’s work “Shakespeare’s Sonnets Remixed”, where the author took the original text of Shakespeare’s Sonnets and deconstructed them into modern language with changing form and meaning beyond physical recognition. Awesomeness. Literature above all signifies empowerment. That’s it. Just empowerment. Alright, alright, wax too. Jack is better than Hemingway and Ginsberg, but his dreams and values are slowly being consigned to textbooks. Finally, someone who isn’t preoccupied with literary theory. At least, not there. Donald Maass, one alveolar sibilant removed from powerful irony, prepares to reveal the secret of the novel. To Nashville. Penguin Books appoints Mother to a very important post. Father quite upset, hops into white van. Watch out for White Van Man! He drives too close! Cyclists beware! Speaking of excessive exclamation, could someone tell me how to pronounce this band’s name? Because if people pronounce it like it looks, well: Kid #1: I like! That band. Kid #2: So! Do I. Kid #1: We! Should form a band. Kid #2: But! What should we! Name it!

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