Friday, 12 January 2007

Updated Roll Call, or Housekeeping Week Continued All the talk of pigeonholing bloggers reminded me of how long it's been since I've actively done so. So I did. Short of podcasts and sundry newsfeeds, this list represents what I regularly read ... unless, I say, unless I made a glaring omission. In that likely event, it is imperative you aid in its rectification by depositing a pithy remark about what really, at this point, can only be described as my "terminal uncouthness."[*] ACADEMIC, GROUP Brainiac Cliopatria Crooked Timber Feministe In the Middle Inside Higher Ed Open University Long Sunday minnesota review Savage Minds Valve, The Weblog, The ACADEMIC, INDIVIDUAL 3 Quarks Daily Academhack Ads Without Products Amardeep Singh Ancrene Wiseass [RIP] Axis of Evel Knievel Badgerings Bemsha Swing Bitch Ph.D. BLDGBLOG Bootstrap Analysis Cahiers de Corey Charlotte Street Chutry Experiment, The Clancy Ratliff Completely Futile CultureSpace Différance Engine, The Doctorating Early Modern Notes Easily Distracted Ferule & Fescue Gentleman's C, A Geoffrey Chaucer Hath a Blog Ghost in the Wire I Cite Intellectual Affairs Irrelevant Narcissism In Favor of Thinking Is There No Sin In It? It Figures Kugelmass Episodes, The John & Belle Have A Blog Jonathan Goodwin Language Hat Larval Subjects Law and Letters Les Faits de la Fiction Light Reading Literal-Minded Little Professor, The Michael Bérubé [RIP] Mode for Caleb New Kid on the Hallway Noah Cicero Pas au-dela Phronesisaical Planned Obsolescence Posthegemony Pseudopodium Quod She Reading Experience, The Reassigned Time Rough Theory Scott McLemee Scribblingwoman Sin.Qua.Non Slant Truth Spurious Tomemos Uncomplicatedly University Diaries Unlocked Wordhoard Virtualpolitik Wax Banks What in the Hell... wood s lot Workbook SCIENCE BPS Research Digest Cognitive Daily Disgruntled Chemist, The Evolving Thoughts Frontal Cortex, The Loom, The Mixing Memory Neurophilosopher’s Blog, The Neurotopia Panda's Thumb, The Pharyngula Philosophy of Biology Respectual Insolence Retrospectacle Uncertain Principles THE MINESHAFT apostropher ben wolfson Big Monkey, Helpy Chalk Bitch Ph.D. Cruel Sommer Grammar.police fortuna I Don't Pay Idiocentrism Lighted Window, A Not Yet Enlightened outta mind outta site Sunlit Water Unfogged White Bear Wry and Stanley * The reading of overwrought faux-Victorian novels whose authors favor elaborate Latinate formations over strong, Anglo-Saxon locutions before postifying my bloggifications for publicatory ingestion? As ideas are wont to be when in such situations, this conception differs not and is what the better people designate "atrocious."

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