Sunday, 29 April 2007

CUE BLOGWIDE STRIKE ACTION (Many people want to know: "Are you kidding? No new posts until five hundred comments?" The answer: I am not kidding. There will be no new posts until there are five hundred comments on this thread.) There will be no new posts on Acephalous until there are 500 (five hundred) comments on this one. The person who posts the five hundredth comment wins the honor of suggesting the topic of the subsequent post. Any comments containing the number four, a dollar sign or the open bracket/fancy-open bracket will not count toward the total, as those keys are missing from my keyboard. Suggested discussion topics can be found below the fold. Possible reasons for this BLOGWIDE STRIKE ACTION. Potential topics for my next post. Whether there should be a mandatory word minimum and/or maximum for it. Which suggested topic could do the most damage to my academic career and why. How much easier it would be to reach 500 comments if LCC commented here. The weather and how nice/terrible it has been lately. Whether this is a strike-action or a hostage-taking. The possibility that 500 comments will not be written, and I'll be forced to either 1) write them myself or 2) close shop. Whether comments violating the spirit of the strike/contest should be counted. The fact that I am the author of a study. The fact that in the '90s when Kurt Vonnegut lived next door to Keith Hernandez, Vonnegut would greet him with a hearty "You're Keith Hernandez!" They would often discuss Hernandez's favorite writer, Victor Hugo, and his favorite Hugo novel, The Toilers of the Sea. Rich's pre-suggestion: "Look at this horror. Do clients of sex workers really base their reviews on, in part, whether the sex worker has a Ph.D.? That seems exceptionally perverse. When I was a grad student, the local free paper had a long-running sex chat ad with some line about "We will talk about any subject", and so of course someone joked that he should call and ask about a problem with his dissertation. But in this case, maybe it really would work."

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