Tuesday, 22 May 2007

The Most Important Blogging Panel Ever* I wanted to wait until the promised podcast of yesterday's event was up, but since Brad's already posted his notes, I thought I'd enter into the fray.** Some random points, as I am very tired, very busy, and very tired: As I was waiting to fly to Sacramento on Southwest, Delta paged "San Jose customer Scott Kaufman to Gate 8." After the third time—and despite being painfully confused—I walked to the Delta counter. The attendant told me that I'd been bumped to a later flight. I told them I was flying Southwest, but they didn't appear to be listening. They wanted me to sign something. I tried to explain the confusion. Finally, I walked away. (Tomorrow, this will be the topic of a "You Finish the Post" Contest, in which I narrate the first half of the conversation, and you provide the humorous esprit de l'escalier. I learned that I'll be sharing a panel with this guy and this guy come November. You should attend! I'll be the zebra sitting between them. Brad and I learned not to fear The Ogged, for The Ogged is a gentle soul who, when he cuts, does so politely. (And, despite being Iranian, only with words.) Speaking (again) of Brad, I might have been an economist if I'd had him as a professor. His quiet hilarity is a quality I gravitated toward as an undergraduate. Speaking of which—and this and the previous bullet will be verified when the podcast's published—Eric Rauchway is also much more soft-spoken and funny than I imagined. (His colleague, Ari Kelman, is equally funny, but not quite so quiet.) (Apologies for the double parenthetical, but I feel the need to add: I'm not trying to reconstruct what they said that was funny because you'll be able to witness it for yourself soon enough.) *Which I'll describe in more detail on a day which doesn't involve hours in airports and/or above California. **In today's bit of web-meta, when the podcast hits the 'Net, pay close attention to the Brad first scribbling, then typing as Tedra and I speak. Not only is he composing a post about a blogging panel during the panel itself, he's reenacting the very history of letters he discusses in his talk.

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