Monday, 11 June 2007

Update on the Situation UPDATE #4 "John Casper" still refuses to answer any questions I have about his identity. All I know is that I am being harassed by someone named "John Casper." My attempts to discover his identity have been limited to determining whether he is the same "John Casper" who posts on FireDogLake. I have made these attempts because, should it come to that, I do not want to accuse the wrong person of harassment. What do I mean by harassment? Since he sent the first email to the UCI community, he has sent five more. The second concerned my apparent disregard for UCI disciplinary policy, and included material from a private email I had sent "General JC Christian, Patriot," which the General shared with "John Casper." I wrote: He's decided to contact my employer because of some civil debate on the Gilbert thread. I'm not likely to get in trouble for this, but it will annoy people (myself included), through the creation of unnecessary meetings/conference calls/&c. As he's your commenter, his actions will reflect on you, so I thought I'd give you the heads up. To "John Casper," the act of wanting to avoid entangling my university in an online disagreement constitutes my "assessment of UCI's disciplinary policy." When I informed him that I had written this: Although it will cause me personal inconvenience, I do hope the people who received this email take it seriously. Accusations of hate-speech and race-based discrimination should be investigated, so that when the complaints are legitimate they can be dealt with accordingly. He then forward that to half the UCI community. By this point, I had sent him three emails. He has responded to none. Now he believes I have committed a crime against him. He learned of my desire to discover his identity from the General. Here is my email (to which the General never responded): Would it be possible to get the IP information for the Ghost of Adolph Rupp? He's stepped up his behavior and is now bordering on harassment. I have his name, but I need to know which "John Casper" he is. When "John Casper" asked whether the General would share that information, the General responded: not going to do it. stay off the comments for awhile so i can say there's no way to find your ip. I'm considering revoking my opinion of the General. I no longer think he's a classy guy. So at this point I still do not know the identity of the man who is threatening my career. Moreover, he is conspiring with others to hide his identity from me. You can read the complete text of his letter below the fold. As to why I am publishing this information, the first reason is because I have absolutely nothing to hide. The second is that he is copying his emails to news outlets, and in so doing indicates that he wants people to read them. (He includes the General's email in an attachment, and I...

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