Friday, 08 June 2007

"Refined white supremacy in a UCI Lecturer's blog comments" UPDATE #4 HERE. UPDATE #2 HERE. UPDATE #1 HERE. That is the title of the letter "The Ghost of Adolph Rupp" sent to members of the UCI community. Seems I am now a white supremacist. That said, as someone who writes and comments under his own name, I'm not particularly worried. I comported myself on that thread as I always do. For the record: I am not a white supremacist, nor am I an enabler of white supremacy. I am interested in the historical and rhetorical context of race in American culture. (I've taught two courses on the subject.) And I am interested in the context of online rhetoric. This particular thread fascinated me because it intersects with many of my scholarly interests. But it will probably be the last time I attempt a discussion of these interests online, because you never know when the person across from you will decide it's time to notify your superiors that they have a white supremacist among them. (Even though they don't.) Although it will cause me personal inconvenience, I do hope the people who received this email take it seriously. Accusations of hate-speech and race-based discrimination should be investigated, so that when the complaints are legitimate they can be dealt with accordingly. Just because someone took the time to craft an inaccurate, slanderous letter painting me as white supremacist does not mean that all such letters will be inaccurate and slanderous. Here is the text of his letter: "Refined white supremacy in a UCI Lecturer's blog comments" The UCI lecturer's name is Scott Eric Kaufman. I informed Mr. Kaufman yesterday that I would be contacting UCI and I invited him to suggest names of people who he wanted included. Mr. Kaufman declined to respond, but he is copied on this email. Over the course of several days, Mr. Kaufman was vigorous in his defense that it was appropriate that ABC affiliate post an excerpt of this with a link: "Death of A House Negro First Hogzilla II, now this? Not to convert this place into the Dead Meat Buffet but an enormous amount of meat died this weekend and we’re all the better for it. It goes without saying that the term “house negro” gets bandied about with great frequency against anyone of seemingly African descent when they are on the Right. Be you Clarence Thomas, Condoleeza Rice, Michael Steele, or J.C. Watts, you can expect a Harry Belafonte, a Danny Glover, or yes - even a Steve Gilliard to call you out for being the race traitor that you are. The sell-out, Oreo cookies who do Whitey’s bidding and put a black face on racist policies that would otherwise be rightly called out for what they are. Uncle Thomas and Aunt Thomasinas alike. But really, who is doing whose bidding in those situations? Can Howard Dean call Condoleeza his “do right answer mammy who be smart”? Can James Carville call out Clarence for collard greens? Which brings us to today’s...

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