Sunday, 10 June 2007

Generals Gone Rethuglican; or, Shattered Faith & Pressing Deadlines UPDATE #4 The General has requested that I not contact him through email again. You read the email I sent him below, so it must be obvious to you why he reported my address to Clearly, he is the one being abused. He is the one whose career is being threatened by the actions of one of his commenters ... wait, that's me. I will honor his request—and would have, even if I had not independently discovered the IP address of the man stalking me—and would inform him of such, but doing so would constitute harassment. The strange thing is, by virtue of being harassed by one of his commenters, I have been summarily banned from commenting on Jesus' General. I think this speaks volumes about the General's priorities, but I don't want to speculate. Maybe he is not trying to defend the person whose identity he conspired to hide from me. Two days ago, I would have given him the benefit of the doubt. Today? Not so much. My fear is that they will begin slandering me over there again, and I will have no recourse to respond. (I will not stoop to using proxies. What I write online I write under my own name. This is a matter of principle.) If my fellow liberals should choose to slander me again, I would not be upset if one of you voiced your dissent. On another note, in the comments I see two trends emerging. The first is that I'm experiencing my first taste of how liberals behave. I don't buy it. Many of the General's commenters have expressed their outrage both in the comments and via email. I do not believe the actions of "John Casper" or the General reflect upon liberals at large. A certain type of liberal whose life plays out online, maybe, but these clowns do not represent the left. The second trend is that I should remove the gloves, pick up a roll of quarters and give as good as I'm getting. I can't stomach that. I'm not some common internet thug. I know who "John Casper" is. I know where he works. I even know his home phone number. I may be a brawler, but I am no tattler. I will not tell his employers what he does on company time. I will not stoop to his level. I believe in the medium, no matter how much "John Casper" and the General shake my faith. The irony in all this is that I need to put the finishing touches on an article espousing the virtues of blogging sometime tomorrow. You may be surprised to learn that I'm not as sanguine on the idea of online communication as I once was. I hope that this all passes over, and that my optimism returns shortly, so that my praise for the possibility of online criticism might not ring hollow ... but who knows. Maybe tomorrow I'll toss my hands in the air and declare that...

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