Tuesday, 03 July 2007

American Literature and Evolutionary Theory II: Portrayal and Constestation Returning to our regularly scheduled programming, the details of my upcoming panel were sent to me this afternoon. It's part of the American Literature Association Symposium on Naturalism, October 5-6, 2007, at the Hyatt Newport Beach Hotel.* There'll be two panels on evolutionary theory and American literature: American Literature and Evolutionary Theory I: Exploration and (Inter)play Chair: Jeff P. Turpin, University of Texas-San Antonio 1. “Re-imagining “The Terrible Embrace”: Cooperation and Community in McTeague and The House of Mirth,” Aimee Woznick, University of California Santa Barbara 2. “The Flipside of Evolution: Frank Norris’s Vandover and the Brute and Ernst Haeckel’s Biogenetic Law,” Vincent Fitzgerald, Notre Dame de Namur University 3. “The Epigenetics of Literary Darwinism,” Ian F. Roberts, Missouri Western State University American Literature and Evolutionary Theory II: Portrayal and Contestation Chair: Jeff P. Turpin, University of Texas-San Antonio 1. “Accelerating Evolution: Social Reform and the Baldwin Effect in Jack London’s The Iron Heel and Before Adam,” Scott Eric Kaufman, University of California, Irvine 2. “The Demise of the Fittest: Martin Eden as Spencerian Antihero,” Stephen Armstrong, Kingsborough Community College, CUNY 3. “The Politics of Evolutionary Naturalism,” Paul J. Ohler, Kwantlen College Attendance is mandatory. I need to build on the "Kaufman panels are extremely well-attended" impression created at the MLA. So come or stop reading. Or continue to read with the knowledge that you've angered me or made me cry, depending on whether you find fear or guilt the better motivator. Seriously though, all the papers look interesting, Armstrong's especially so, if only because he followed through on an argument I abandoned in frustration. (I'd been unable to coordinate London's shifting beliefs into something resembling a coherent philosophy. I'm eager to see how Armstrong hashes it.) * For those unfamiliar with the area, this means my first ever non-blogging conference presentation will be held within walking distance of the very apartment in which I blog.

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