Friday, 24 August 2007

My Narrative, Right or Wrong (Relevant or Irrelevant) Glenn Reynolds peers into the depths of media bias and sighs at the cite before him: Media credibility takes another hit: Fishbowl DC's [...] contest wasn't on the up-and-up, reports Farhad Manjoo. "What's surprising is not that anyone cheated—online polls are about as trustworthy as Soviet Bloc elections—but how brazen, and how easy, the cheating was," he writes. Friends of this year's two [...] winners built software "bots" that voted thousands of times for each of them on the Mediabistro site. "I once had a girlfriend who quit journalism and went into P.R. because she said public-relations work was 'more ethical,'" he writes. I'm inclined to agree. That an online poll by a media site was so easily rigged is more evidence of pervasive, perfidious liberal bias. As Michael Silence writes, that the "media [is] caught cheating" is another hit to its credibility, further evidence of its liberal bias. One problem with this scenario: I'm not the media. You heard me right: I actively participated in the rigging of an online poll ... concerning the "hottest" media type in D.C.. I am become Liberal Media. I aided Capps and Andrews. I admit it. Other people aided their friends. They admit it. So I can only ask: This is what elicits Reynolds' patented "sigh"? Then I remember: It's all about The Narrative. Must remind readers of The Narrative. Can't let people forget The Narrative. The Narrative may not obtain—it may even be hilariously irrelevant, as here—but it's still The Narrative. Its fires must be stoked, its hunger must be slaked, its every need must be fulfilled, lest it wither before the face of its fundamental untruth. This reminds me of the old joke: How do you get to be a popular blogger? Hit the bottom of the barrel, then keep on going.

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