Saturday, 15 September 2007

The Very Best of Acephalous 2006 THE FUNNY You Make Me Uncomfortable with Your Words and What You Say (Now in Verse!) How to Remove a Ring Stuck on Your Finger The First (and Still Only) Acephalous Podcast BLOGFIGHT! BREAKING NEWS: GOP Fears Election Not Close Enough to Rig BREAKING NEWS: Time Travel is Necessary Grad School: a Primer I am a Lover of the Exotic and My Grandma The Unappreciated WHARTON! Theory in Limerick ... ... and Again God Created Breasts Tits Don't Ring a Bell Saving the World, One Bunny at a Time Despite the Bewildering Array of Contestants, There was Only One Clear Winner in the Shirtless Joe Stalin Look-a-Like Contest YOU ARE NOT TO BE BREAKING UP WITH ME IN A PARKING LOT! Cue Blogwide STRIKE ACTION The Race War will Come. You will Likely be a Winner. BLOGWARS! Stupidity Dries Up the Fount of Pity What You're Writing is Stupid Welcome to Acephalous Identities Publishing This will have been the Best Post Ever The Many Faces of Hillary Snakes on a in Late Nineteenth Century American Romance THERE IS A HOLE IN THE SKY! (NO REALLY!) THE ACADEMIC Keats "Ode on a Grecian Urn" for Beginners ... ... to Plagiarize n+1 Ascendant? Laugh at the Talking Monkey Something I Muttered Somewhere with People What Edward Said How to Teach Theory (Maybe) On The Trouble With Diversity On The Novel of Purpose Virginia Tech, Huck Finn, and The Novel of Purpose Towards a Rich, Intellectually Honest Unemployability Baby, We were Born to Lurk Is Mark Helprin the Best they can Muster? On Sicko, about which I'm Wrong How to Police the Discourse (Ostensibly about Foucault) DAVE SIM & CEREBUS Conservative Literary Theory: Sim and Faulkner More on Conservative Literary Theory, Less on Sim and Faulkner Cerebus and Modernist Freedom: Part I Cerebus and Modernist Freedom: Part II Cerebus and Modernist Freedom: Part III

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