Tuesday, 30 October 2007

"Classic" Acephalous: Grad School Primer A is for Anxiety. Who are you, Derrida? B is for the Bore you are, to all but Ma and Pa. C is for the Coin you drop on Copies you deface, D for the Despair you feel, producing at this pace. E is for the Energy you wasted all these years, F for Fraud, for Failure, Fake, whatever, these are tears. G is for the Game you play, imagining you'll finish, H for Harry Potter. You fancy games of Quiddich. I's for Isolation, you're alone in this you know? J for all the Joy you'll feel in this Hell when it snows. K is for the grade you'd give, to see that student sob, L for Lucky, like you'll be, to ever Land a job. M is for the Money you'd be rolling in by now, N for all the Notes you lost, although you're not sure how. O is for the wailing of your apoplectic fit, P for all the Pressure, which you handle [BLEEP] [BLEEP] [BLEEP]. Q is for the Questions, all the dumb ones that you ask, R for the Revisions, Resubmissions in your past.* T is for the Time spent, reading this instead of that, U for Unproductive, like the time spent with your cat. V is for the Virtues you can always cultivate, When you have a real life. At some undetermined date. X is for the ones you love, but avoid for your cause, Y for you, you you you you, and working without pause. Z is for the Žižek, he's really rad, I hear, And now you know Grad ABCs, who here wants more beer? *S is for the Shit you inevitably leave out. (And also for how stupid, you feel foot firm in mouth.)

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