Thursday, 25 October 2007

Yes, Children, Sometimes When Grown-Ups Love Each Other They ... Scott is subbing for The Little Womedievalist while she (successfully) completes her orals. He has been instructed to tell them to print out and complete two peer-review forms over the weekend. They ask him many questions, all the while neglecting to mention that they all have two extra copies of their papers. Student #1: So we just have to, uh, print the forms out? Scott: I believe so, since you don't have two extra copies of your peers' papers. The class begins to whisper. They shoot each other furtive glances. One brave soul speaks up. Student #2: Mr. Professor, um, we, uh, [The Little Womedievalist] told us to print out, uh, two extra copies of our papers for peer-review. Scott: So you all have two extra copies for peer-review and you didn't tell me? Student #1: I mean, but you didn't say, um, that we had to, uh, exchange them so we were, um, confused? Scott: Confused? You weren't confused. You thought you could get out of some work. Student #3: But you, um, you didn't, uh, you didn't tell us, um— Scott: You were trying to get me in trouble with my wife. The class erupts into laughter. Scott sits, confused. Scott: People do get married you know? [The Little Womedievalist] didn't tell you I was her husband? The laughter continues, and now many of the students are speaking at once. Student #4: (still laughing) She's too young to be married— Student #5: (still laughing) She doesn't seem married— Student #3: (still laughing) She never mentioned she was— Student #1: (still laughing) She's married to you? Scott: I'm sitting right here you know? And he was. He was sitting there being reminded (yet again) that his lovely wife is out of his league. But that doesn't bother him. Nor does the fact that many of her male students seem to find her attractive. (He does too.) He was sitting there being bothered by the fact that he had absolutely no idea what was so funny. He was thinking that it must've been an eruption of nervous energy that set the class tittering, even though that doesn't quite account for what sustained the laughter for so long. What do I mean? Five minutes later: Scott: If no one wants to volunteer, I suppose I'll have to volunteer someone. So—you in the pink. Could you read that paragraph for us? Student #7: (still laughing) It says (swallows a chuckle), it says (and another), it says, um ...

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