Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Home for the Holidays Like many others, I'll be heading home for the holidays, then to the MLA after them, so expect posting to be pretty light—wait—what's that? I'm not headed home for the holidays? What do you mean I put my wife on an airplane and sent to her to my parents' house this morning? Why would I do that? Why wouldn't I go with her? A sick cat? Could that really put all my holiday plans on hold? Of course it could. So while my wife is off being feted by my parents, I'm stuck at home with a little lady who may need to have some toes amputated. That's the bad news. The good news is that cats have their toes amputated quite regularly in the States, so the surgery (if necessary) will be routine. Quick Clarification: I'm not wantonly declawing Rachel. She has tumors growing on three of the toes of her back left paw, which the vet removed yesterday and is testing today. The reason she stopped eating and drinking a month back was because the litter in the litter box hurt her toes. That's why she ended up with a distended bladder. The pain medication and appetite stimulant she'd been taking masked the pain, but apparently it got too bad again this weekend. I took her back to the vet and we found the tumors. Thing is, she had a full-body scan a month ago, and the vet pulled it up on the monitor and we looked and looked and looked for sign of the tumors, but we couldn't find any. The foot must've been uncomfortable to her before modern medicine could detect the tumors. So all the problems seem to have stemmed from these toes—the not eating, the not voiding, the lethargy, and she also lost a pound, which for a cat is 1/10th of total body weight. All because of her toes.

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