Wednesday, 09 January 2008

Help Hugo Save Dumb Fatties [Since it appears that this was the result of a hack instead of an Alas, a Blog-type situation, I'm removing Hugo's last name from this post so that this post won't show up in Google searches for him. I'm also placing it below-the-fold. That's probably obvious though, isn't it?] Chris Clarke, Ilyka Damen, BFP, et al. have repeatedly demonstrated the failings of Hugo's tepid defense of a tired feminism. No one needs me to recount the festivities. But I want to pick up on something Chris wrote—in response to something Rich wrote—about the intent behind calling someone envious: I’m in the general group of writers charged with being envious of other bloggers' "success," and yet some of the people making those accusations know full well I repudiated exactly that kind of "success" in the last year. The same cannot be said of Hugo. It is apparent to anyone with Firefox what constitutes success for him: Having trouble reading that? Let me highlight it for you: Hugo has a sound reason to start fights, to pick scabs, to hold and periodically renew grudges: Fat people can't spell. He cares enough not to insult them directly—they're already fat, after all. What would happen to their self-esteem were Hugo to remind them they're also illiterate? So he kindly hides his concern in the for obese idiots in the header of his blog. When their sagging asses and bulging guts click on his site, they might not see evidence of his concern, but he hopes his message of Phentermine Love penetrates the folds and flaps of flab and communes with the thin person buried deep within. Ignoring him would undermine his ability to peddle his kindness. It would be a tacit admission that you hate fat people (literate or otherwise). So please, by all means, continue to take him seriously, continue to engage him as if his motives were as stated, lest you reveal yourself to hate the fatties Hugo so desperately wants to help.

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