Monday, 11 February 2008

I Drank Obama's Milkshake The most annoying thing about the Democratic primaries? The accusations that anyone who supports Obama has "drunk the Kool-Aid." Clinton supporters insist that the only reasons anyone would support Obama are 1) unconscious sexism or 2) Kool-Aid intoxication. At Kugelmass's place, I forestalled the first complaint with all the wit and subtlety of an enraged moose. Me and my ten-foot pole will avoid that one from here on out. As to the other charge, I'm convinced that people who claim Obama's supporters have drunk his Kool-Aid are the same people who failed my freshmen composition course lo all those years ago. Consider the complaints aired in this thread at The Left Coaster. Here is Joe (7:03 AM): If you cared about civil rights and health care you would find Hillary Rodham Clinton inspiring. To say you find Barrack Hussein Obama’s empty rhetoric inspiring says as much about the shallowness of the listener than the speaker. I saw a stat yesterday about how 60% of Hussein Obama's supporters would not vote democratic if he wasn't on the ticket, and it explained why so many are so baseless ... ... they voted republican in 2000 & 2004. Besides adopting the other party's talking points, Joe delivers that most egregious of undergraduate composition errors: He mistakes the use of rhetoric per se for the effective use of rhetoric. Anyone who's ever taught composition has bored you with stories about students whose "argument" is "In this essay the author uses rhetoric to influence people." Of course people use rhetoric. Not an issue. Instructors want to know whether that rhetoric is effective or not. Students want to point out that rhetoric is there and is being used ... and that therefore and thereby and thusly the person using it is lying because rhetoric is trickery and if this person was really honest no trickery would be needed to convince us that this person is correct in all things always and forever. I kid you not. This is what undergraduates think. Did I write "undergraduates"? Because I need to expand that a bit. Witness the protestations of "iamcoyete": I'm not one of those that need inspiration, but I understand that the masses need their opiates. The original Pet Rock sold millions. I didn't buy one of those either. But since I want a dem to win, I hope the fad lasts to November. And before anyone yells "sour grapes," let me just say that I never expected Clinton to win; there's just too much animosity out there, especially in the media, who, ironically enough, has pretty much chosen your candidate for you, despite all the protestations of "I don't want the media choosing my candidate!" Sure, I hoped, and even though Hope is now officially considered a plan, my personal hope was always unfounded considering the sheer volume of loathing the Clintons now "inspire" in the same people who spent 7 years defending them. No, my disgust comes from the realization that I was stupid enough...

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