Wednesday, 28 May 2008

The Plot of Obama's Tangled Web of Lies Thickens: It Wasn't Even a Concentration Camp The latest in long line of gaffes conservatives are manufacturing on Obama's behalf concerns the service record of his uncle, Charles Payne, during WWII. Obama claims Payne helped liberate a concentration camp. Only a gullible liberal would believe that. His uncle did nothing of the sort! He helped liberate a work camp, Ohrdurf, not a concentration camp like Auschwitz. Obama is a liar, courting the Jewish vote by inflating the importance of Ohrdurf. When Patton toured Ohrdurf, he didn't "walk over to a corner and sicken." He did? Who told you that? Him? Mr. Secret Muslim? You'll need to do better than that. You can? I don't believe you. It's not like you have archival footage of Gen. Dwight David Eisenhower, Commander, Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Forces, Generals Omar M. Bradley, George S. Patton and others viewing the crematorium and the bodies stacked in court yard and woodshed. You do? I see. I also see it's conveniently priced at $649. I'll believe it when I see it, but as everyone knows liberals are only generous with other people's money, I doubt that'll ever happen. You don't even have a graphic, disturbing picture from the camp that should only be viewed by people with strong stomachs and even then only if they're empty. You do? So what. Ohrdurf was a work camp, not a concentration camp. Anyone who ignores this very important, incredibly meaningful, absolutely crucial distinction is simply trying to score political points with the Jewish community.

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